10 Quick DIY Projects You Should Do This Weekend

By Libby Kane

Springtime brings bugs: D.I.Y. bugs, to be exact. And if done right, D.I.Y. can be an affordable way to refresh your home. There's just one caveat: Doing things yourself takes time -- and patience. There's the planning, the research, the scavenging for materials, the first coat of paint, the second coat of paint ...

Knowing that your patience could wear out long before that paint dries, we've found the perfect compromise: 10 projects from around the web that are cheap (you'll be using things that you already have) and quick. You can knock each of these projects off in under an hour.

10 DIY Projects to Do This Weekend
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10 Quick DIY Projects You Should Do This Weekend

Wine bottles, jars and even old drinking glasses can be transformed into colorful storage containers and vases. All you need is a fresh coat of paint and a well ventilated work space.

Photo and tutorial: SheKnows.com

For this project, you just need to string two rows of wire or sturdy ribbon across the back of a frame, nail the ends to the frame and then hang your favorite glasses across each row.

Photo and tutorial: CupcakesandCashmere.com

By melting candles into old cups (here's a simple tutorial on how to do it), and adding some wicking (available at craft stores) before the wax sets, you'll create one-of-a-kind candles to use at home or give as gifts.

Photo and tutorial: MarthaStewart.com

It doesn't get easier than this: Take a mirror, lay it on a flat surface -- and then place things on it. If you're really motivated, you can glue felt to the back of the mirror to keep it from sliding off its perch.

Photo and tutorial: CupcakesandCashmere.com

Hanging baskets on the wall creates instant storage for towels, toiletries, toys and other things that are currently cluttering your home.

Photo and tutorial: ImBusyProcrastinating.com

Spring the fancy china stand that you use twice a year from its cabinet prison and use it to organize items on your bathroom counter or dresser.

Photo: BlissfullyDomestic.com

This is a great project for those mystery coins and tokens collected on your many travels that are accumulating in the recesses of your desk. Simply glue them onto round magnets purchased at your local craft store.

Photo and tutorial: TatteredStyle.blogspot.com

Spring is the perfect time to tackle that towering pile of papers, so grab a dish drainer and repurpose it as a desk organizer by slotting file folders into the grooves.

Photo and tutorial: TipJunkie.com

This is a particularly good project for tarnished or foggy mirrors. All you'll need is chalkboard paint and a mirror -- repainting the frame is completely optional.

Photo and tutorial: HomeGrownFamilies.net

With just a few screws (or pushpins), you can turn a standard drawer organizer into a storage case for jewelry, keys or anything else that you'd like to hang.

Photo and tutorial: RoseWoolls.blogspot.com


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