Shiver me timbers: Puzzle Pirates to plunder iPad, Android tablets

Puzzle Pirates iPad
Puzzle Pirates iPad

It's cheesy, but in this situation, we'll permit one--and only one--resounding yarrggh from each reader of this news. Spiral Knights developer Three Rings and publisher SEGA have announced that Puzzle Pirates will soon hit iPad and Android tablets. One of the most unique free-to-play MMOs around coupled with likely the most fitting platform sounds like a winning combination, no?

According SEGA, this version of the puzzler-meets-MMO will feature cross platform play with its PC, Linux and Mac counterparts. This means that not only will players be able to pick up from where they previously left off on any platform, but they'll also get to play with their friends in real time regardless of whether they're placing on a computer or a tablet.

The studio is said to be optimizing Puzzle Pirates specifically for tablet play rather than simply port the game over with touch controls, which is comforting. Because of this, Three Rings hopes to have Puzzle Pirates hit iPad and Android tablets finished in time for a Spring and Summer launch, respectively. Between this and HearthStone: Heroes of WarCraft, there will be plenty of polished puzzlers to play on the beach this summer.

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