Oculus Rift Plus liquor is a special kind of hell, says makers

oculus rift plus review
oculus rift plus review

We'll be getting our first hands-on experiences with Oculus Rift come E3 in June, but word is quickly spreading from those who have been using the recently-released development kits – of which Oculus has produced ten thousand – that VR might not be for everyone. So why make it worse?

Per Oculus Rift's head honcho, Palmer Luckey, using the headset while intoxicated is a fast track to nausea and vomiting, something that can already come pretty easily for VR users.

"What happens is, when you get severely intoxicated, you end up throwing up," Luckey said. "One of the reasons for that is that your body knows something is wrong; your reaction time is slow, things seem to blur. And if it gets bad enough, it says 'Wow, I'm screwed up, I need to get whatever it is out of my stomach that's causing this.' The Rift doesn't do that much, but when you stack it on top of someone already being intoxicated, they tend to not enjoy it nearly as much."

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