German Castles Offer Big Bang for Your Buck


german castle for sale
german castle for sale

Instead of plopping down millions for an overrated Hollywood party pad, why not invest your money in a truly unique piece of property: a European castle. We're not talking just the abandoned ones (although some of those can be had for as little as one euro, apparently). Some of these castles, with their stately, old-world exteriors, have been entirely modernized on the inside for today's luxurious ideals.

According to The Wall Street Journal, there are about 5,000 castles in Germany left over from its days of nobility, and 20 to 40 of those grand homes hit the market every year. And it just so happens that for what you'll be getting, many of these properties are a great value. Take one Victorian manor about a half-hour outside of Hamburg: Built in 1894, it has 28 rooms, five bathrooms, four garages and sits on 20 acres. How much? Just over $5 million. But, hey, there are plenty more castles to sink your teeth (and perhaps your pocketbook) into. Watch the video above to check out other German castles on the market.

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