Calling all game makers: The Developer Center has arrived

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There's no better time than now to make games. In the ye olde days of gaming, you'd make a game and then try to convince an Electronic Arts or other publisher to put it out there for you. Now, much like movies, music or books, you can make a game and get it out there on your own and with relative ease.

Today, makes it that much easier with the launch of the Developer Center, our brand new platform where game developers of all stripes can upload their games and get them in front of millions of eyeballs. The "Dev Center," as we affectionately call it, has a full suite of features including a dead-simple SDK, game management, ways to track your traffic and revenue and a forum in which you can chat with other developers.

OK, so here's the answer to the question on everyone's mind: What makes's Dev Center so freaking special? Well, I'll tell you:

- When you upload your game to, you have instant access to an audience that you can't easily reach via other avenues. Through, you reach the entire AOL audience (and the audience of several high profile partners, which will be announced at a later date).

- displays games based on the player's interest. So, if one of our players loves Angry Birds-style physics games, then their version of our site will be filled with--you guessed it--Angry Birds-style physics games. That means that we'll be able to get your games in front of the people who want to play them most.

Here are some of my favorite games that have been added to our platform via the Dev Center so far:

fancy pants adventures
fancy pants adventures

Fancy Pants Adventure World 3
A fun action platformer by indie developer Brad Borne.

Vector Runner Remix
A retro side-scrolling racer from TreSensa, which looks inspired by Tron.

Berzerk Ball 2
A funny (and fairly bloody) physics game from Berzerk Studios that involves bashing geeks and sending them flying (as they hurl insults back at you. N00bz).

Bush Whacker 2
A Zelda-style action adventure from DJArts, except unlike Zelda, this game is free to play.

The crew is making waves at the 2013 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, so if you are around, drop by our booth (#1902) to have your questions answered / curiosity sated.