Fetch walkthrough, cheats and strategy guide

fetch walkthrough cheats tips
fetch walkthrough cheats tips

Game Introduction - Fetch

Fetch is a point and click action adventure game from Big Fish Games, wherein you play as a boy out to retrieve his lost dog after an evil mastermind manages to steal it. As you know, messing with a boy and his dog is grounds for serious consequences, and with Gamezebo's strategy guide you'll have all you need to master and complete the game.

General Tips

  • Throughout most of the scenes, you will just need to guide the boy through many different levels. All you need to do to move the boy is tap on the screen exactly where you wish him to move to. In most cases, the boy will do all of the leg work and move to exactly where you tap your finger.

  • When in doubt, tap on it! You'd be surprised how many problems can be solved just by tapping on various items on screen.

  • You may come across ways to earn money and ways to spend that money. You can usually purchase additional hints and items to make the game a little easier.

  • You may need to tap on certain items twice to activate and use them.

  • There are many secrets you can collect along the way if you so choose.

The Visor

  • You have a visor that you can access by tapping on the boy in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • You can replay any of the previous arcade games from this spot by tapping on their icon.

  • This will allow you to access the Inventory by tapping in the upper right corner. You can then view all of the items you have collected here.

  • You can also see how much money you have by looking at the "$$" icon in the lower right corner.

  • When you wish to exit this menu, tap on the X button.

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