FarmVille Springs Forward with Upgraded Features & Easter Freebies


Besides the usual chocolate bunnies and adorable baby animals, there may be a few things that you may have missed if you've been blindsided by the Easter season in FarmVille. Recently, FarmVille quietly introduced several new features without much notice. There's been an upgrade to Design Mode to simplify the life of FarmVille decorators, an increase in storage capacity for Market Stalls, and even a new Help tab in the FarmVille main top menu. If you've got a stockpile of Farm Coins with nothing to shop for, you may want to check out the pricy new Golden Merpegasus, a combination of a Mermaid and a Pegasus, which debuted in the FarmVille Market at an outlandish 25 million Farm Coins. It's reserved for the elite FarmVille Freaks with steep coin bank accounts looking for something fancy to add to their Limited Edition collection and it cannot be purchased with Farm Cash. Don't have the coins to spare? Check out the other features new to FarmVille.

Design Mode Revamp

The FarmVille Design mode had been lacking for too long. Many decorators gave up decorating as they ran out of room or patience to decorate with a frustrating set of tools. FarmVille has re-designed the decorating feature, making it much easier to decorate. Now, thanks to new quick buttons in the Design Mode menu (found in your normal FarmVille toolbar at the bottom right,) you can accomplish several common decorating tasks with much less clicks. The new tools include:


Move – allows you to move items around on your farm


Rotate – rotate any item


Store – store any item quickly


Recycle – sell or delete

Not really new on paper, but when you implement it in-game you will see your ability to do any of these actions multiple times without re-clicking or performing this action over and over again per item.

Increased Storage Capacity

Finally. After what feels like forever, FarmVille has finally increased (again) the maximum storage capacity for our Market Stalls and Crafting Silos. It's been a major complaint from farmers who are tired of seeing their excess bushels wasted due to not having enough storage space. What good is a bushel if you can't store it? Although, it's not the first time by any means that FarmVille has increased the Market Stall capacity, it's still something to celebrate. Our new Market Stall's maximum capacity is now 1,000 bushels.

No surprise here. If you'd like to upgrade your Market Stall- you'll need to work on completing construction phases to add more bushel space to your inventory. Simply click on your Market Stall or Crafting Silo to begin expanding. You can complete expansions on the Market Stall and Crafting Silo by collecting materials the usual ways without having to pay Farm Cash. Also note, Special Delivery Boxes do contain materials needed for both of these construction projects. If you'd prefer not to work as hard by collecting, begging, or scavengering your Facebook News Feed, Farm Cash is always accepted. For example, once you click on your Market Stall you are given the option to "Expand Now" which will prompt you to use Farm Cash for your expansion. If you click on the "Look Inside" option, it will take you to an inside menu where you are given the option work on your expansion for free by clicking on the "Expand" tab.

Now, if we could just get an increased capacity on our FarmVille Gift Boxes. Hey Zynga, I'm dropping hints.

FarmVille Help Tab

FarmVille introduced a new "Help" tab to the top menu. The Help tab, seated in the last spot right next to the "Earn Farm Cash" tab, provides quick links to some helpful FarmVille information. The new Help area showcases a few handy quick links that many may find useful or especially if they didn't know that they existed beforehand.

Here's the breakdown on the FarmVille Help tab offerings:


FarmVille Fanpage – link to official FarmVille Fanpage on Facebook


FarmVille Guides – link to various FarmVille guides


FarmVille Feeds – organizes all your FarmVille feeds in one place on your Facebook


Twitter – link to official FarmVille Twitter


Announcements – link to official FarmVille blog

Spring into FarmVille Easter

Easter is this weekend and FarmVille is celebrating with the usual festivities. If you want to score some fun Easter or Spring themed freebies be sure to check out the following:

FarmVille Quests: Look out for the A Spring Hiro quest that offers animals rocking bunny ears as well as other Easter inspired rewards. There's also the upcoming Preparing for Spring quest that debuts Thursday and offers springtime prizes such as the Spring Butterfly Cat and the Spring Cleaning ready Janitor Gnome.

FarmVille Baby Animal Countdown: The new FarmVille countdown just kicked off and it's not too late to catch up and scoop up a free and incredibly cute FarmVille baby animal on a daily basis. Plus, if you complete the countdown you'll get the bonus prize, a Babysitter Unicorn. Sneak Peek of the entire countdown prizes here.

FarmVille Spring Egg Meadow escapade: This Easter themed escapade is packed with multi-stages of Easter themed rewards. To get your free prize, you'll have to complete each stage within a specific time frame. For a sneak peek of all the stages and their rewards look here.

Angela Morales created and manages FarmVille Freak, the largest FarmVille fan site, which provides news, tips and in-game updates for Zynga's Facebook farm game as it happens. She is also the co-author of FarmVille For Dummies book. Yes, it exists.