FarmVille increases capacity of Market Stall & Crafting Silo!

farmville market stall

FarmVille has increased the capacity of both the Market Stalls and our Crafting Silos.

You can work on expanding your Market Stall or Crafting Silo by increasing their storage capacity by collecting parts for free the usual ways or purchasing parts using Farm Cash.

Note, once you click on the Market Stall or Crafting Silo you are given the option to "Expand Now" which prompts you to use Farm Cash. Hit the "Look Inside" button which will take you to the inside menu to begin your expansion for free. When viewing the inside of your building you will see an "Expand" tab at the top. Click that button to initiate your expansion the free method. Remember, you can also use Special Delivery Boxes which contain materials needed or the Market Stall and Crafting Silo expansions.

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farmville market stall
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