CoasterVille Parades: Everything you need to know


While Mascots might offer some fun and excitement in your theme park in CoasterVille, a new Parade feature will add even more as you can now build the Parade Palace and complete a quest to bring Parades to your park. We're here with a look at this new feature to get you started, so let's go!

Strike Up the Band!

  • Have a Parade Palace

  • Start 3 Parades

  • Get 1 Parade Mastery Star

The Parade Palace can be built using 400 coins, two Glowing Ears Headbands, four Glow Wands, 100 Goods, and 200 Thrill Points. The Glowing Ears Headbands can be created inside the Costume Tailor shop using two Candles, one Inspiration, and one Costume Kit each. The Costume Kit itself must be crafted using 50 Goods. Each Glowing Ears Headband takes two hours to make, unless you want to pay Park Cash to speed up this process.

Once you've completed the Parade Palace, you'll be able to activate Parades inside your park, similar to how you activate Mascots. As the Parade makes its way along the various pathways in your park, it will provide automatic bonuses that, again, automatically start any attractions that need to be restarted, and automatically collect from any businesses or shops that are ready to harvest.

As Zynga has said, activating Parades in your park should be a great way to start out a new gameplay session (say, if you're playing for the first time in a day), as it can start attractions and harvest businesses for you, saving you energy that can be spent on other things.

Back in this quest itself, you'll receive 500 coins for completing all three of these tasks. There's not a time limit for completing this quest, so don't worry about rushing to earn the Parade Mastery Star as quickly as you can. We'll make sure to update this space if and when the Parade system becomes more complex in CoasterVille, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this new Parades feature in CoasterVille? Have you already finished your Parade Palace, or are you still working on crafting your Glowing Ears Headbands? Sound off in the comments!