ChefVille Greenhouse: Everything you need to know

Let's face it, while it's fun to collect and cook with all sorts of ingredients in ChefVille, most of are restaurants are overflowing with ingredient stalls that are rarely used and serve little purpose other than taking up valuable land space. Zynga has finally realized this, as a new Greenhouse feature has been rolled out to our games.

The Greenhouse will allow us to store up to 25 different "harvestable" items, from Broccoli Stalls to Lilac Bushes, and tons of items in between. It won't store everything, like wild Onions or Mushrooms, but most other plants can be stored inside. Thankfully, the Greenhouse comes fully built (technically), with two storage spaces available inside. To fill these spaces, simply jump into the Greenhouse and click on "Fill" on one of the two spaces, as seen below.

Once you click on Fill, you'll see a highlight around all of the items that can be stored. There are a couple of schools of thought here. On the one hand, you can store items simply based on their size to quickly free up a lot of land space. On the other hand, you can store ingredient stalls that you don't use very often to simply get them out of the way, while leaving out other items that you might use more often. Whatever you decide, you'll need to ask your friends for help to unlock all of the storage spaces after the first two.

For instance, the next three storage slots in the first "block" of storage in the Greenhouse require 3, 5, and 5 Warming Fans to unlock. These items are earned through individual requests sent directly to your neighbors, so make sure you send out a ton of these requests as soon as you can to unlock more storage space.

In terms of harvesting, these ingredient stalls won't lose any of their function, and you can harvest them individually or in bulk from within the Greenhouse window. If you just need one Carrot, for instance, you can scroll through the up-to five pages of stalls and click to harvest just the Carrots. If you want a little bit of everything, you can also click on the "Harvest All" button to spend one energy per ingredient stall, harvesting everything in one shot.

This is obviously a great new addition to our restaurants, and hopefully it's just the first of many new storage options that we'll see in ChefVille in the future.

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Are you excited about building and filling your own Greenhouse? Which stalls are you going to store first? Sound off in the comments!

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