Ubisoft confident Rayman Legends will still be a Wii U system seller

Despite Rayman Legends heading to multiple platforms, Ubisoft is confident the game will remain a Wii U system seller. It's been a little over a month since the publisher "betrayed" Nintendo fans by announcing the game's release on Xbox 360 and PS3; prior to that it had been a Wii U exclusive launch title. However, for reasons not admitted -- although it's painfully obvious it was a business decision that had everything to do with a larger target market on PlayStation and Xbox -- the game not only abandoned its Nintendo-only roots, but was then delayed. Regardless, Ubisoft France Studios head Xavier Poix is confident the game remains a Wii U system seller.

"We don't have any disappointments compared to the installed base. We are just hoping that Nintendo's results for Wii U will be a bit bigger," he told GamesIndustry (via MCV).

"Selling a new way of playing can take some time, and we know the power of the brands from Nintendo and we know from the fans that the majority of what will be the system sellers are not yet available. And on our side, Rayman will be one of them for sure," he added. "We really expect Rayman to be a huge system seller on the console."

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