Allergy Medication Deals That Are Nothing to Sneeze At

Savings Experiment: Vitamins Allergy season is here, and stocking up on medicine is never fun. However, there are ways to lower the cost of meds while giving you room to breathe.

First, if you're debating on whether to buy name brand vs. generic, go generic. Generic medications generally have the same active ingredients, but cost much less. Loratadine, for example, costs just $13 for a month's supply as opposed to over $18 for its name brand counterpart, Claritin. To trim your costs even further, head to Costco where you can grab a 1-year supply of 400 tablets for less than $13.

Next, don't fall for fancy packaging. Liquids, chewable pills and quick-dissolve tablets are priced higher than regular tablets, while liquid medications can cost up to 70 percent more.

If you're looking for a cheap non-pharmaceutical way to keep allergies at bay, try a neti pot. Since 80 percent of allergens affect you through your nasal passages, the popular nasal irrigation method has been proven to quickly relieve symptoms. And for less than $20, one purchase can last you months. Just make sure to follow specific directions on how to make a proper saline solution.

Allergy seasonWe also like this NeilMed Sinus Rinse kit, which offers the same results as a neti pot, but in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle version. It also comes with 50 packets of the company's sinus rinse mixture, all for less than $10.

So, if you're an allergy sufferer, consider these tips for saving on medicine. We want both you and your budget to stay healthy.
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