Fish Out Of Water- Halfbrick's Newest iOS And Android Game


Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick officially unveiled its newest smartphone and tablet game, Fish Out of Water. Coming soon to iOS and then Android a short time later, this casual friendly effort stars colorful cartoon fish and features simplistic controls. Most importantly, there's an addictive hook that could make this title the company's next big thing.

For each round, players select three fish from a group of five, with the goal of flicking these creatures across the ocean via the touchscreen. Once finished, they receive numerical scores combined into an average; think best of 10.

To add a layer of strategy to the game, Halfbrick imbued the fish with different abilities. Errol the blowfish, for example, skips across the top of the water, while Finlay the dolphin can dive. Meanwhile, the developers carefully place yellow orbs throughout the environment that, once collected, allow these fish to boost.

Interestingly enough, the game displays the current weather on the top right corner of the screen, and players can check the forecast hour-by-hour. Weather eventually changes (cloudy skies, stormy seas), ultimately affecting creature performance.

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