ChefVille Cash Register: Everything you need to know

Zynga has released a few "guaranteed premium currency" items over the years, from the Money Tree in FarmVille to the Horseshoe Tree in Pioneer Trail, and now, a similar item has been released for virtual chefs in ChefVille. Players that are looking to make an investment in their games can now purchase a golden Cash Register, but it's definitely not cheap.

The Cash Register costs 250 Chef Cash to purchase, which is around $30 USD. Once placed in your restaurant, you'll be able to collect 10 Chef Cash from it once per week for a full year, giving you over 500 Chef Cash when everything is said and done. That's double your original investment, but of course, it's best to examine whether or not you'll still likely even be playing ChefVille a year from now before deciding whether this item is worth it.

While you'll be given the chance to purchase this Cash Register automatically the next time you login to your restaurant, if you ever decide to make the investment sometime down the line, you should be able to do that too. Just search for the Cash Register in the store and you can begin your long road to riches at any time.

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