Bioshock Infinite (Windows) cheats, tips and trainers

Bioshock InfiniteHow can a gaming franchise achieve a legendary status? Can its greatness only be defined by high sales figures or universal positive reception? Not many games can achieve success after a launch, even fewer can before a launch. It takes a lot of buzz, risk and mystery. I suppose when you connect the dots, (Irrational Games + BioShock + FPS + Expertly written story and script) it becomes easier to see how and why a game like BioShock Infinite deserves your attention.

In the floating city of Columbia, you may need an extra hand as you discover its bitter truths. Not figuratively, we mean a literal hand. You've got a gun in your right hand and a vigor in your left, let Cheat Happens help you out with cheats like Unlimited Health, Super Jump and Add Lockpicks so your progress through BioShock Infinite is never stunted.

Do yourself a favor and watch the launch trailer for BioShock Infinite, available today for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Cheat Happens
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