BioShock Infinite: Crush Columbia with the web's best cheats and tips

BioShock Infinite cheats tips
BioShock Infinite cheats tips

The beautiful 20th century dystopia known as Columbia awaits ... to be crushed by your flashy weapons and even flashier vigors in BioShock Infinite. But perhaps you need a helping hand to get through Irrational Games's purported masterpiece. Like with any anticipated game release (and pretty much everything else), the Internet has an answer. Actually it has several, and here are three of the best

Learn from the Most Learned

As if on cue, IGN has a complete wiki-style walkthrough of BioShock Infinite, complete with character profiles, codes, breakdowns of each mission and more. If you're looking for a complete guide to all things infinite and biologically shocking, look no further than right here.

The Voxophone Vitae

Want to know all there is to know about the floating city that you're too busy blowing up? Well, Columbia is littered with little 1900s-era gadgets called Voxophones that tell snippets of story regarding Columbia and its people. And whaddya know, GameFront has a guide to find all of the Voxophones right here.

Clutch Combat Combos

VentureBeat has an fantastically in-depth guide for how to best beat up the various baddies that populate Columbia. From the best vigors to use in combination with weapons to what to wear into battle, you'll be prepared for every fight scene, thanks to VB's creative combat combinations. Check them out right here.

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