The Zynga Partners program made a hit out of Village Life


About a year ago, Zynga launched its Zynga Partners program, giving third-party developers the chance to have their games played on Facebook,, or mobile by millions of players that already play Zynga's established games like FarmVille and CastleVille. Now, a year later, Zynga has taken some time to examine how successful this Zynga Partners program has been, and even look towards the future.

In the past year, 40 partners have joined the program, and 27 web and mobile games have been launched via those partnerships. Playdemic's Village Life serves as a successful example of what these partnerships can do for a game, as its launch on has resulted in a player base of over 1 million daily active users. Village Life allows gamers to head back in time to create a village by controlling each individual character, instead of just one.

Now that the game has become a true success, Zynga helps to make it even more popular by making it the first third-party game that Zynga has implemented cross-promotions for, outside of the standard ads that appear next to or under games. We brought you a look at one such promotion earlier this month, as virtual chefs in ChefVille can earn free spices by leveling up in Village Life.

What's more, this success of the Zynga Partners program means that even more partner games will be released in the coming weeks and months. While specific details about these titles are still under wraps, we know that at least seven new games are currently in the works. Hopefully, we'll learn more soon, so be sure to stick with us as we uncover more details about these upcoming Facebook and mobile games as soon as we can.

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Do you play Village Life? Was it a cross-promotion within another Zynga game that encouraged you to play Village Life, or did you find the game on your own? Sound off in the comments!