Top 10 Free-to-Play Mac MMORPGs


There's no doubting the success of Apple. Whether you're a fan or not, the company has certainly changed the way the world looks at technology. One of the biggest innovations made by the company was to finally bring the world of MMO gaming to individuals owning apple products. In a day and age where everyone has a computer, most consumers buy what's most popular; and the Mac is certainly popular. Tons of people own a Mac, enjoying a user friendly operating system, a strong processor, and reliable amount of power. With such capabilities, there would no doubt be MMORPGs on the Mac one day. Many games boast solid 3D graphics but lack a sense true MMO gameplay. There are a whole handful of good games available on the Mac now though. Some have succeeded on the PC for years, while others have taken life on both operating systems concurrently. Best of all, you can try out every single one of these games for free. Let's not tarry on the systems anymore though and get right to what really matters: the top 10 free-to-play MMORPGs made for the Mac.

10. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

It's exactly what it sounds like, an MMORPG based on the popular animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not only do you get combat-based gaming experience but you also get to participate in a number of Clone Wars themed mini games. The game is free to download and is a great find for star wars fans with a Mac. Gamers willing to take on a paid membership are granted access to more of the game's features, including access to VIP areas, mini-games, a special deluxe house and the popular ability to dual wielding lightsabers. The game may not be entirely free which can tend to not drive certain gamers away. Still Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure definitely has enough free content to give Mac users an entertaining MMO experience.

9. Dofus

The Dofus universe may not be entirely free, but there is plenty of costless MMORPG content making it worthy of the list. There are no longer any time constraints during the free portion of Dofus, giving players the ability to experience many aspects of the game in their entirety. This real time fantasy MMO finds a creative way to introduce turn-based combat strategies. Choosing from three professions and 16 different character classes, players will utilize exclusive spells to support their endeavors through a number of dungeons, quests, and challenges. Although players will need a paid subscription to enjoy the games great PvP capabilities, there are enough guild interactions and available locations to still make Dofus a great free-to-play option.

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