Listing Fail: Even 'Ugly' Homes Need Buyers

Ugly house, Toledo, IL

We agree that honesty is the best policy in life, love and, yes, listings. But although mama might not have told you so, a little white lie never hurt anyone. Well, at least not being so bluntly honest.

You wouldn't tell your date that you'd prefer she wear more makeup next time, would you? (Even if she is ugly as sin.) Same goes for listings: You don't have to make it so blatantly obvious that the house you're selling is unattractive as hell. Quite frankly, if it's that ugly, then maybe you shouldn't be showing photos of it in the first place.

Here's a case in point: This listing (pictured above) in Toledo, Ill., minces no words about how devastatingly ugly it is. The listing reads: "Exterior my look like ugly duckling." (The only thing uglier? The spelling and grammar.) The owner does add as an afterthought: "Inside fixed up nice." Um, thanks. It's what's on the inside that matters, right?

Ugly house, Warren, IL

Similarly, this listing in Warren, Ill. (pictured above), cuts right to the chase. Its headline reads: "Ugly. Outdated." (Complete with check marks.) Even though the owner later concedes that the home has "tons of potential," we've already checked this one off our list.

Ugly house, Kansas City, MO

Over in Kansas City, Mo., this home is so ugly that the owner can't even show a picture of it! The owner explains, "The outside is very ugly until i get a chance to paint in spring." But the listing adds that it's been remodeled with new floors, and "you have to see it!!" Nah, we'll wait until spring -- if we haven't found another home by then.

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