Resident Evil 6 (Windows) Cheats, Tips and Trainers

Resident Evil 6 Cheats, trainerPeople ask us all the time, "Should I play Resident Evil 6? I haven't played any of the others, does that matter?"

Firstly, does it matter to you that you've been missing out on one of the biggest, most transformative franchises in gaming? Secondly, nope, it does not matter all that much. In a way, Resident Evil 6 is 'The Avengers' of the Resident Evil series, bringing all of the heroes and villians of the previous RE titles into one. It also has a unique blend of gameplay that will suit fans of horror, action and adventure. Needless to say, now that this game is on PC, you have no reason to play it.

With cheats and trainers from Cheat Happens by your side, you won't scream in the dark anymore because you'll have cheats that give you Unlimited Medipacks, One Hit Kills and the ability to Freeze Enemies, just to name a few.

Check out the trailer for Resident Evil 6 for PC, which features content from Left 4 Dead 2.

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