Previews 11 minutes Ago PAX East 2013 preview: Saints Row 4 wields a dubstep gun and super powers

The formula for a successful Saints Row game is quite simple: combine over-the-top action with fun gameplay and missions -- that's it. Over-the-top only really works if the player is enjoying his/herself. In essence, this is exactly what Saints Row 4 will aim to do. As the President of the United States -- because that's the natural progression for the pop icon leader of the Saints -- you have ascended to a point higher than most mere mortals ever reach. Don't fret, though; you'll be using some wicked, new devices during your term in office.

Enter the Inflator Gun. This bad boy inflates the target's head with a focused beam like a balloon, until like a balloon, it, well, pops. Needless to say, the target does not survive. Not to be outdone, the next weapon that was shown to us is perhaps the greatest thing I've ever seen -- the Dubstep Gun. As the name suggests, this weapon fires a concentrated Dubstep beat that forces yours targets to dance until death. It's as wonderful as it sounds. The beat may or may not drop --TO DEATH.

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