Piano Genius makes piano lessons a game on iOS

Musically focused developer Synaptic Stuff hopes to make piano lessons a lot more fun in the future with the launch of Piano Genius on iPhone and iPad. Piano Genius turns the complicated action of playing the piano into a rhythm game as gamers will earn points based on their accuracy across over 300 songs, with more songs being promised in weekly updates.

"Piano Genius is our first title focused on the excitement, confidence and accomplishment that music games can give," said Jeremy Keehn, CEO of Synaptic Stuff, via a company release. "As players level up, complete challenges and compete with friends, they're actually playing real piano patterns without having to go through a learning app, which in itself is a lot more fun and intuitive then traditional ways of experiencing the piano."

Whether they're playing a classical piece by Mozart to a modern track by Coldplay, Piano Genius will offer multiple difficulty levels, along with practice levels and "song performance" stages. While a small selection of songs will be available at the beginning, this can be expanded by earning coins and purchasing them, with coins coming from simply playing the game. Facebook and Twitter integration will allow players to show off their new skills, and Game Center support will offer achievements that can be unlocked over time.

Piano Genius isn't available just yet, but we're told the game will launch across iPhone and iPad sometime this month. March is almost over, so be on the lookout for this one on iTunes soon! In the meantime, you can check out a trailer for the game on Synaptic Stuff's official website.

Are you excited to try Piano Genius? Have you always wanted to learn how to play Piano, or will you use the app to sharpen skills you already have? Sound off in the comments!

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