March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013: Round 2

March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013: Round 2
March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013: Round 2

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VOTING FOR ROUND 2 IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Check out Round 3 here to see who won and vote for advances next!

Welcome to the second round of's annual March Madness Facebook Game Face-off. The dust has finally settled on the chaotic first round, and the victors have risen. Here are the highlights: The first bout between Candy Crush Saga and Criminal Case was closer than most, with the former beating the latter by nearly 700 votes. (And yes, that is closer than most--the players know what they want.)

The awaited match between FarmVille 2 and its predecessor wasn't nearly as close: FarmVille 2 beat the original by over 670 votes. And it looks like folks like pool more than their poker, as 8 Ball Pool rocked Texas HoldEm Poker to the tune of nearly 680 votes. It was no contest between Diamond Dash and Zynga Slingo: The match-3 hit beat out the casino game by over 3,000 votes. Pool wins once more in the match between Pool Live Tour and Pet Rescue Saga by a margin of nearly 3,000 votes.

Oddly enough, CoasterVille beat the almighty Words With Friends by nearly 900 votes. In the most insane upset, Dragon City destroyed ChefVille to the tune of over 8,000 votes. And like we all expected, the closest match was between Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Safari, and the outcome is almost too dramatic to believe. Bubble Safari eked out a win with just three more votes than its competitor. Now that we have a feel for second series of competitors, on with Round 2!

Voting for this round ends on Monday, April 1. Vote now!

This first match sees two of the most widespread games on Facebook go head-to-head: Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille 2. Will the power of matching trump the allure of owning a house on the old farm? You decide.

Diamond Dash goes up against 8 Ball Pool in this next match. Will the addictive nature of match-3 overcome the pure strategy and skill of billiards, or will slow and steady win the race against the speedier puzzler? That's up to you.

While it kind of seems obvious, only the players can decide whether pool makes for a more interesting/popular game than building your own theme park. It's Pool Live Tour vs. CoasterVille. Ready ... fight!

Finally, the almighty Dragon City will go toe-to-toe with Bubble Safari. Two radically different games, but with fierce fan bases nonetheless. But which of the two will end up with more bark than its bite? We can't wait to find out.

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