Elder Scrolls Online Previews: PAX East 2013 Impressions

We've seen Elder Scrolls Online at a number of events, but up until recently I'd never actually gotten my hands on the game. Thankfully, that all changed at this year's PAX East, where I got to spend two hours exploring the island of Stros M'kai. Veteran fans of the Elder Scrolls series will recognize the island as the setting for The Elder Scrolls: Redguard and fittingly I chose to play a Redguard in the Daggerfall Covenant during my play session.

I'm not going to get into all the nitty-gritty nuance of the game, as we've gone over that extensively in our recent preview coverage. What I really wanted to do today is give you my take on the game as someone that has gone from apprehensive to cautiously optimistic since the title was announced last year. I've previously mentioned that I was discouraged by some of the language used to describe the game in the initial months following the game's announcement. The Elder Scrolls Online seemed to sound more MMO than Elder Scrolls and this got me thinking that Zenimax Online was really missing the point.

MMO gamers can see through the flashy veneer of an IP-based MMO by now. You may get them to pick up the box and check your game out with an awesome IP, but they aren't going to stick around if you've just reskinned a standard MMO with elements from your IP. Thankfully, I think Zenimax Online must have realized this soon after the initial reveal, because the game began to look and sound decidedly more Elder Scrolls throughout the rest of 2012.

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