CoasterVille: Play Village Life for free Energy


While CoasterVille's early progression is a pretty speedy process, you might quickly find yourself running out of Energy every time you play once you

have dozens of stores and rides to tend at once in your park. In order to help you out a bit, Zynga has released a new cross-promotion across CoasterVille and Village Life that will see eager theme park developers rewarded with lots of free energy for leveling up in Village Life.

As we told you previously, this cross-promotion is part of Zynga's new effort to publicize Playdemic's third-party game just as the developer promotes its own games. If you're interested in earning this free energy in CoasterVille, you'll need to dive into Playdemic, adopting a variety of new villagers that can each be controlled as you work to investigate technology and build a home for your citizens in a jungle. Here's the full breakdown of available rewards.

Reach Level 4 in Village Life - Receive 5 packs of energy in CoasterVille
Reach Level 6 in Village Life - Receive 10 packs of energy
Reach Level 8 in Village Life - Receive 15 packs of energy
Reach Level 10 in Village Life - Receive 20 packs of energy

If you've already reached any of these levels in Village Life for another promotion (like the promotion in ChefVille, for instance,) you'll likely still need to access Village Life from the promotion window in CoasterVille to make your progress "sync" between the two games. After that, try refreshing CoasterVille and you should receive any rewards you've qualified for. Good luck completing this cross-promotion before it expires!

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