Five Best Places to Party In Michigan

Bronx Bar Detroit
These places all come hand-picked from Michigan's very own Wilson, a hard rock band whose members, according to our colleagues at Noisecreep, "take their partying very seriously."Wilson rounded up five of its favorite spots to party in its home state, including the Bronx Bar (left) in Detroit.

From Noisecreep: "Known as 'Detroit's Cheers,' just WAY darker and smokier. It's located in the historic 'Cass Corridor.' It's always filled with the up and coming Detroit 'talk abouts' and Wayne State students. The ambiance of this place will kinda freak you out if it's your first time plopping down one their dirty bar stools. It is very, very dim lit."

Read the rest of Wilson's picks at Noisecreep.
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