Matching with Friends comes to sort of

After launching on mobile last June, Zynga's Matching with Friends took off as the (then) latest hit in the developer's "With Friends" franchise, as players were challenged with dragging colorful blocks to the top of the screen to make matches that translate into points.

The multiplayer game has now come to, but with a few catches. First, the game doesn't seem to actually work for a lot of players, presumably because it was released alongside the slow rollout of the upgrades to player accounts. As we told you earlier this month, the changes will see players being asked to create actual accounts on, along with identities that should help keep their privacy more secure, instead of just being allowed to login with Facebook Connect.

The problem is, once you do that, you'll run into many bugs within, starting with the fact that Matching with Friends fails to find your friends list and therefore fails to load. We're sure this is just a temporary problem that deals with the fact that not all players have been given those new accounts, and it should be sorted out shortly.

Still, Matching with Friends is on, and it should be available for play sooner, rather than later. We'll update this space when things get sorted out.

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