FarmVille 2 Mushroom Shed Quests Part 3: Everything you need to know


Another week has passed in FarmVille 2, which means it's time for another set of four quests to unlock in the Mushroom Shed event. This event will be available for another 16 days, and there are still eight quests to complete in that time (four of which have yet to unlock at all). We're here with a guide to the four quests in "Week 3," so let's get started!

She's Got a Brick House

  • Ask for 9 Sturdy Red Bricks

  • Feed Pigs 6 Times

  • Craft 2 Terracotta

The Sturdy Red Bricks are earned by posting a general news post to your wall, asking all friends for help at once. Meanwhile, you can complete this Pig feeding task either by repeatedly feeding the Yorkshire Lonely Pig that you can lure into your farm, or by purchasing additional pigs in the store. Additional Yorkshire Baby Pigs, for instance, cost 28 Farm Bucks each, so make sure your wallet is ready for that.

Finally, the Terracotta can be crafted inside the Crafting Kiln. If you've yet to complete yours, make sure you check out our guide to building the Crafting Kiln to get caught up. Once it's complete, you can create the Terracotta using three Mud and four Wool. The Mud is earned by tending Pigs.

Smells Like Success

  • Tend Fertilizer Bin 2 Times

  • Fertilize 60 Crops

  • Fertilize 10 Trees

The Fertilizer Bin fills as you feed animals on your farm, so make sure to always tend it when it's ready so that you don't feed animals and "waste" them. Meanwhile, you just need to activate fertilizer on your farm to be given a chance to fertilize both crops or trees. The trees and crops needs to be watered before they can be fertilized, but you'll know what's available by the little peach water droplet icon that's above each one while Fertilizer is active. Also, you can Fertilize trees that are in Groves, so keep that in mind as well.

Third Time's the Charm

  • Tend your Hen House 2 Times

  • Craft 4 Porcelain Mugs

  • Bake 5 Chanterelle Mushroom Souffles

The Hen House is available for tending once every 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Porcelain Mugs are made inside the Crafting Kiln using one Porcelain and one Pottery Slip each. The Porcelain is made using four Mud, while the Pottery Slip is made with two Mud and one Water.

Finally, the Chanterelle Mushroom Souffles are created inside the Crafting Kitchen using three Chanterelle Mushrooms and six Eggs each. The Mushrooms are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests.

Ye Olde Swine Con Shine-On

  • Make 2 Wool Pouches

  • Make 2 Beaded Wool Pouches

  • Make 2 Hand Mirrors

The Wool Pouches are created using one Wool Bolt and one Zipper each inside the Crafting Workshop. Zippers, for the record, are made three Horseshoes and one Wool Thread Spindle each. Meanwhile, the Beaded Wool Pouches require those basic Wool Pouches and two Crafting Beads each to create. The Beads are earned by sending out more individual requests to your neighbors for help.

Finally, the Hand Mirrors are created using one Mirror and seven Pieces of Wood.

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Have you already finished any of the quests in this Week 3 of the Mushroom Shed event? Are you completely finished with all of the quests in Weeks 1 and 2? Sound off in the comments!