CoasterVille: Load up your park with new mascots

If you've grown to really love the Mascot Academy in CoasterVille, which allows you to hire Mascots that perform in your park, you'll likely be happy to learn that a set of five new Mascots are now available for training and adding to your park.

These five Mascots fit into most of the game's themes, from the Fairytale Theme (a Squire) to the Future City Theme (Robots), but all of them will be locked until you've performed enough times with previously hired Mascots. Similar to the original set of Mascots, which required you to perform four times with Dog Barker to unlock Princess Melody (and so on), you'll need to keep performing with each Mascot to unlock new ones, or simply unlock them all with Park Cash. Here's the full rundown of new Mascots, in the order they're unlocked.

Squire Filbert
Jackrabbit Jane
Daisy 2000

The iZak and Daisy 2000 Mascots are robots, so if you're interested in adding them to your new Future City area in your theme park, make sure to keep them on your radar. For everyone else, good luck unlocking all of these Mascots across your park!

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What do you think of these new Mascots? Which one are you going to use the most in your park? Sound off in the comments!

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