CoasterVille Easter Items: Everything you need to know

It's time to celebrate Easter in CoasterVille, as a series of new stores, decorations, and more are now available to purchase for a limited time. Most of these items are available only for Park Cash, but there are a couple of more general decorations that can be purchased with coins. We're here with a complete look at these new items, so let's get started!

Candy Store

  • Costs: 20 Park Cash

  • Produces 280 coins for every 420 guests served

Easter Troll

  • Costs: 20 Park Cash

  • Adds 42 Popularity Points to your park


  • Costs: 17 Park Cash

  • Adds 36 Popularity Points

Easter Bunny

  • Costs: 15 Park Cash

  • Adds 32 Popularity Points

Little Lamb

  • Costs: 13 Park Cash

  • Adds 28 Popularity Points

Egg Gift Shop

  • Costs: 12 Park Cash

  • Produces 300 coins for every 300 guests served


  • Costs: 10 Park Cash

  • Adds 22 Popularity Points

Easter Eggs

  • Costs: 9 Park Cash

  • Adds 20 Popularity Points


  • Costs: 7 Park Cash

  • Adds 16 Popularity Points

Ornate Planter

  • Costs: 240 coins

  • Adds 3 Popularity Points

Cherry Tree

  • Costs: 1,400 coins

  • Adds 14 Popularity Points

These items are labeled as being available for the next three weeks, but we're not sure exactly which day they'll expire. Either way, you've got plenty of time to purchase them before they expire - just don't forget they're there!

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What do you think of this new set of Easter items in CoasterVille? Will you spend Park Cash on any of them, or will you just purchase the coin plants? Sound off in the comments!