CoasterVille Bunny Hop: Everything you need to know

While eager theme park developers can now fill their lands in CoasterVille with plenty of Easter themed businesses and decorations, if you're the type of player that just cares about the rides, you can now build a themed one of those as well. The Bunny Hop ride is now available for free in your inventory, but it requires quite a bit of work to finish it off. There are quests to each of the stages of this building project, so here's a quick look at this entire event to get you started.

Hop to It

  • Place the Bunny Hop Foundation

  • Finish the Bunny Hop Foundation

Again, the Bunny Hop Foundation is found in your inventory, and it can be placed for free. Like other items, it needs to be placed next to a pathway in order to be active. The first stage doesn't require any energy to build, and instead asks you to

jump right into collecting materials. You'll need 3,360 coins, five Whisker Combs, 600 Goods, and 3,360 Thrill Points to finish off the first stage.

The Whisker Combs are earned by posting a general news request to your feed, asking for help. If you're playing the game on, you should earn these items pretty quickly from strangers that will click on your request as it goes down the game's ticker. You'll receive 200 coins and two Hospitality for completing this first quest.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

  • Complete the Second Stage of the Bunny Hop

The second building stage of the Bunny Hop ride requires 4,200 coins, six Tulips, 750 Goods, and 4,200 Thrill Points to complete. The Tulips can be earned either by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help, or by searching inside the Egg Gift Shop. This Egg Gift Shop costs 12 Park Cash, so definitely stick to just asking friends for help if you don't want to spend real money to move along.

From here, you'll need to keep upgrading the Bunny Hop ride through three more building stages, collecting more Goods, Coins, Thrill Points, and building materials for each one. When you finish the Bunny Hop, it will add a ton of Popularity Points to your park, and will produce over 1,000 Thrill Points each time it operates.

As for the event's quests, these will only be available for the next two weeks (as of this writing), so good luck finishing them off in time!

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What do you think of this new Bunny Hop ride? Do you think you'll be able to finish it off before the quests expire in two weeks? Sound off in the comments!

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