Zynga.com gets a huge update, starting next week


For months now, Zynga.com has been the best place to play some of Zynga's Facebook games like CastleVille, CoasterVille, and even FarmVille 2, as it allows players to earn help from friends as well as strangers and make progress more quickly across the network's supported games. While Zynga.com has technically been in "beta" ever since the system's launch, Zynga has now announced that starting next week, Zynga.com will become even more about the "games," and will introduce a new series of options for players that wish to not share as much of themselves as they play.

As it stands now, in order to play games on Zynga.com, gamers must login with their Facebook accounts and share their real names as they play. They don't have to become Facebook friends with the people that they interact with there, but their profile pictures and names are publicly available for viewing. With this new Zynga.com update, players will be given the option to create a "unique player name" that represents them across the site. We're not sure if this change will also allow players to upload a separate profile picture, but the name change is guaranteed according to Zynga's blog.

In addition, the new Zynga.com will apparently allow players to come and play Zynga games without actually connecting to a Zynga account. Players that already have Facebook accounts and already have games will be given the option to reconnect to Facebook and continue where they left off without losing progress or friends, but new players will be welcomed in as well, even if they've never wanted a Facebook account in the past.

There are sure to be more changes that will become apparent when the final version of Zynga.com launches sometime next week, so stick with us as we'll let you know more about how this will affect you and the way you game.

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