What Will Apple's Stock Price Be on December 18, 2013?

In the video below, Fool analysts Jeremy Phillips and Austin Smith talk about Apple and where its stock price might be headed over the next nine months.

Austin says he gathered all his numbers on Apple, and he came up with a big question mark. A common mistake investors make is that they find comfort in the precise estimates that Wall Street deals in. Instead, investors should be seeking out great companies that make them rich over the long run, he says.

No one 10 years ago could have told you where Berkshire Hathaway or Coca Cola would be trading today, but they could tell you that they were, and still are, great companies, Austin says.

So, when should price matter to investors? Austin says investors should not have a penny in a stock that they cannot leave there for at least three to five years. For him, that's the minimum time an investor should be looking to let a stock investment work.

The real question isn't at what exact price Apple will trade at in a given time frame, but instead, whether it's the great company many once thought it was.

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