ChefVille: Play Village Life for free spices


Over the past few weeks, we've seen Zynga introduce some interesting new cross-promotions to games like ChefVille, in an attempt to get its user base to go

back to games they've stopped playing the in past. First, ChefVille fans were given incentive to head back into FarmVille 2, and now, players are being given the chance to earn free spices for their restaurant by playing Village Life.

Right now, it looks like this promotion is only available for players that used to play Village Life, but no longer do, but this could change in the future (or it could be entirely random). Either way, when you receive the promotion in your ChefVille game, you'll be asked to level up in Village Life until you reach Level 10, with a variety of rewards being available along the way. Here's the full breakdown:

Reach Level 4 in Village Life - Receive 1 One Hour Thyme in ChefVille
Reach Level 6 in Village Life - Receive 1 Salvage Sage in ChefVille
Reach Level 8 in Village Life - Receive 2 One Hour Thymes in ChefVille
Reach Level 10 in Village Life - Receive 1 Instant Thyme in ChefVille

Are these rewards worth the amount of time you'll need to invest in Village Life to actually earn them? That's ultimately hard to say, since Village Life is such a slow moving game. Still, if you're desperate for some of these spices in your game, you'll at least now have a new option for earning them. Good luck!

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Have you received this Village Life cross-promotional opportunity in ChefVille? If so, will you go back to Village Life long enough to level up and earn these rewards? Sound off in the comments!

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