'BioShock Infinite's first review is in: IGN gives it a 9.4

Bioshock InfiniteIGN's released their review of BioShock Infinite and the verdict is an incredibly positive 9.4. Because of course. While everyone else is going to have to wait an extra few days to tell the world how awe-inspiring and revolutionary the game is, IGN gets to tell you now, leading the Metacritic rush.

After IGN spent a number of days teasing us about us about their catch, 2K's massive press tour now seems incredibly justified. I've been trying to avoid as much in-game content as possible, but I've been consuming Ken Levine's presentations and Q&As almost as often as they've been available. It's been five and a half years since Irrational Studios' last game, the original BioShock, debuted to commercial and critical acclaim. This is all despite the fact that it flew with some pretty heavy themes of objectivity and transcendentalism.

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