The Secret Order: Masked Intent - Review


The Secret Order: Masked Intent is the sequel to The Secret Order: New Horizon; both games are different in many ways and this sequel seems to be a big improvement from the first game.

The Secret Order: Masked Intent is one of those rare Hidden Object Adventure games nowadays that has an actual plot that holds your interest all the way through. The story is unique and interesting to follow and it is told through both notes and through characters.

The cut scenes in The Secret Order 2 are also epic, they are smooth and look very well made. This epicness extends to the game's professionally recorded voice overs, they are really clear that we need to say that subtitle is not really needed.

No matter how great those aspects are, The Secret Order 2 is not a perfect game. The game's graphics are, by the way look quite realistic; however, we found the graphics rather blurry and look a little strange. Moreover, the characters' faces look weird as well and sometimes look kind of ugly.

The hidden object scenes are good in quality but they are very simple and easy. You can swap the mode to Mahjong mode if you do not enjoy finding objects from the list, but as said, the Mahjong mode is also very flat.

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