Neverwinter Previews: Helm's Hold Dungeon & PvP Domination


Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment hosted a special Neverwinter press event to introduce fans to a high level dungeon in the form of Helm's Hold and to let players get a look at the first PvP game play ever. The event was led by members of the development team who showed us all a great time.

I had the opportunity to play as a Greatsword Fighter as a Wood Elf. This is the first time either has been in the game and it was absolutely the best part of the day as I've been waiting for GSF since the beta kicked off. We'll have a more in depth report on the new class a bit later in the week.

Once everyone was assembled, we headed to Helm's Hold.


Our first stop was the level thirty dungeon of Helm's Hold. According to the lore, Helm's Hold is a fortified monastery where those suffering from the spell plague. Unfortunately for the ill, cultists have taken over the castle and have allowed demons to infest it. The job of the adventurers' party is to cleanse Helm's temple and bring it back to its more pacificistic purpose.

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