Nintendo knows how to play Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon the best way

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon cheats tipsIt's almost time for Luigi to conquer his fears once more in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The long-awaited sequel to Gamecube classic is due out on the 3DS on March 24, but nobody said you can't steel yourself for the scares to come. In fact, the Nintendo Treehouse has a number of pointers for how to maximize your experience in searching for the lost pieces of the Dark Moon:

  • If possible, play the game with headphones or in a relatively quiet setting to soak up the game's atmospheric music and sound effects.
  • The missions in the game have been designed to be replayed multiple times. A ranking will be issued based on completion time, the amount of treasure discovered and health lost. Try to earn the best rank possible.
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon guide
  • Learning to master the jump-dodge mechanic is crucial to avoid getting hit by some of the more difficult ghosts and projectiles.
  • There is so much to discover in the mansions, that searching and interacting with everything is key. You may discover secrets in the most unlikely of places.
  • Using the map feature on the bottom screen will help you to find your way in the mansions. You can also slide your finger across the touch screen to view other areas as well as zoom in and out.
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  • While journeying through the first two mansions, you will upgrade your gear, learn new actions and gain new abilities. By the game's third mansion, you will be required to put the previously learned skills to the test while tackling more challenging puzzles and ghosts.
  • The various multiplayer modes can be played alone, but they are best enjoyed with four players. You might consider playing through the first two mansions to master all of Luigi's abilities before jumping into multiplayer.
  • The Treehouse recommends using teamwork and travellng in pairs in ScareScraper multiplayer mode to help defeat tougher ghosts and overcome the traps and curses.

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