Calif. Caregivers Caught On Hidden Camera Abusing Autistic Man [VIDEO]

Kathy Coleman
Kathy Coleman

With monitoring software, productivity sensors, and cameras, bosses are increasingly spying on their workers. Sometimes this can create stress and distrust, without much benefit. But other times, it can uncover horrific wrongdoing.

Last year, Kathy Coleman (pictured right) and her husband decided that their age prevented them from providing their 31-year-old son, Cameron, with the care he needed, reports KCBS-TV, so they hired Jay Nolan Community Services to find their son a home and provide around-the-clock care. But last summer, Kathy started noticing bruises on her son's body and that he seemed frightened of his caregivers. So she decided to install hidden cameras in his Los Angeles home. The footage she uncovered would devastate any mother, purportedly showing her son's caregivers beating, taunting and spitting on him.