ChefVille Aftertaste: What's the point of being Head Chef?


Earlier this week, Zynga launched a new "Head Chef" feature in ChefVille, giving players a chance to earn rewards like energy and spices for cooking with very specific ingredients in bulk. While the specific details as to how this feature will unfold in the future are still up in the air, it's probably safe to assume that this feature will be more of a side project for players than a main element to gameplay. That being the case, what's the real point of having the feature anyhow?

If virtual chefs were lacking content to complete, like finishing quests or earning mastery stars, it might make sense for Zynga to release this side project to give us something to do. However, the game currently has far too much content, and there's currently no reason that we can see that would encourage players to pay attention to this Head Chef event.

Perhaps if the game's many quests weren't timed, we could play the game more slowly and take advantage of these cooking events to earn rewards, but as it stands, we simply don't have time to pay attention to just cooking dozens or even hundreds of dishes with Sirloin Beef (for example) over a week-long period. The tasks aren't impossible to complete, but they're definitely not worth the few rewards that are available.

Just as the Catering Order feature was completely unnecessary as an addition to ChefVille, so too is this Head Chef feature rather pointless. Unless Zynga makes the requirements easier to complete going into the future, or makes the rewards much, much better, I see this being yet another element to the game that players will ignore altogether over anything else.

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What do you think of this new Head Chef feature in ChefVille? Will you go out of your way to complete these weekly challenges, or do you think they're a waste of time? Sound off in the comments!