Review: A Wizard's Curse by Hullabu

A Wizards Curse reviewA Wizard's Curse dramatically starts when you are being buried alive; the start is surely a very interesting start and perhaps give us a sign that this is going to be a good game!

However, our hopes fell after a few more minutes into the game. The Alchemist VS Wizard theme is very flat and uninteresting; the story develops very little as the game moves on and there are no any special features that make the game stands out.

The graphics are detailed and sometimes nice to look at but they are nothing extraordinary; they are even grainy at times. The voice overs are inconsistent and sound very dull.

The gameplay of A Wizard's Curse is again, nothing to praise about. It is extremely easy, you basically move back and forth between locations, performing some tasks, make potions and kill the evils.

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