Super Meat Boy creator: DRM causes more losses than piracy

Tommy RefenesIn a lengthy blog post, Super Meat Boy developer Tommy Refenes expressed his opinion that the effect of piracy is overestimated by publishers and that DRM solutions are causing more losses than piracy ever did.

"I think I can safely say that Super Meat Boy has been pirated at least 200,000 times," he wrote. "... As a forward thinking developer who exists in the present, I realize and accept that a pirated copy of a digital game does not equate to money being taken out of my pocket. Team Meat shows no loss in our year end totals due to piracy and neither should any other developer."

People who pirate videogames may or may not buy those games if they couldn't pirate them, but there is no actual way to calculate that lost revenue, Refenes argued. "It is impossible to know with certainty the intentions of people. With the SimCity fiasco and several companies trying to find new ways to combat piracy and stating piracy has negatively affected their bottom line I wonder if they've taken the time to accurately try to determine what their losses are due to piracy."

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