Raft Pirates sets sail for a new ocean on Android

After launching Raft Pirates on iOS last month, Big Blue Bubble and 6waves have today announced the launch of the game on Android, bringing this pirate-themed MMO to a new set of gamers, and hopefully increasing the game's fun factor in the process.

If you've yet to try Raft Pirates, the game gives you a small raft that can be defended with a series of weapons, and then asks you to expand that raft with new platforms and weapons by diving for resources or battling and stealing resources from other players. Battles can turn in your favor (or against you) with a simple roll of the dice, so the game gives players plenty of time to prepare for battle by allowing play in "safe" waters.

Raft Pirates contains five zones with NPC boss battles in each, and there's always the potential that more can be added in the future. We liked the whimsical robot armies and weapons in the game's basic iOS release, but the game lacked a large user base to really make things exciting. Now that the game is available on Android, our biggest issue with the game should quickly disappear, so make sure to download Raft Pirates for free on Android if you're interested.

Download Raft Pirates on Android >

What do you think of Raft Pirates? Did you already dive into the game on iOS, or were you waiting for the game to release on Android? Sound off in the comments!

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