Nimble Quest Tips: 5 ways to master NimbleBit's new game

Nimble Quest
Nimble Quest

Unless you've spent the last couple months in a remote jungle, or given up Gamezebo for Lent (how could you!?), then you've almost certainly heard about Nimble Quest. Part cellphone classic Snake, part SNES RPG, it's the latest bite-sized concoction from the trio over at NimbleBit, and one of our most anticipated games of the year. Until recently, we'd been feeding that anticipation entirely with gameplay clips leaked by company co-founder Dave Marsh. Then we got our hands on the beta.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been twisting and turning my way through bat-infested graveyards and hostile dungeons with every spare moment I have. Sufficed to say, it's hard not to be absorbed with Nimble Quest's depth and simplicity. Heroes fight automatically as you swipe directionally to guide them through each micro stage, and enemies drop gems, power-ups and more heroes to add to your conga line. Each beaten level unlocks adorable new fighters, and hard-earned jewels level them up and help your party's chances of making it further. But beware: like a rogue-like, death means starting from square one!

I initially pitched this article as a chance to just brag about how much fun I was having, but NimbleBit seems like they had other plans. Today, they stepped in and announced a release date of March 28, meaning I sort of owe it to you to get you ready for the monster killing mayhem that awaits. Thanks for nothing (except this awesome game), NimbleBit. Without further ado, here are five things you'll want to do to become an expert at your very own Nimble Quest.

1. Spread the love: a balanced party trumps a strong starter

Early on, it's easy to get caught up in the idea that your party's first fighter matters the most. After all, if they fall to enemy fire or suffer a head-on collision, it is game over. Quickly, I found myself pouring all my gems into levelling up my leader. Ultimately, though, this was a short term solution to a long term issue. You never know which heroes you're going to pick up as you play, and unsupported adventurers will get picked off like flies as levels get harder. Even the strongest wizard in the world can't survive alone if all his teammates are dust! Bonus benefit: levelling up characters evenly makes it easier to swap in a new party leader when you want to mix things up.

2. Repeat after me: tokens are for buffs, not retries

Thinking of using that precious play token to retry a level? Do yourself a favor, and flush it down the toilet instead. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but I stand by the sentiment. In addition to gems, Nimble Quest's play is powered by shiny, coin-like play tokens that drop rarely from enemies, and which fetch a high price in the game's shop. You have the option of using them to retry a level, or purchasing status "buffs" that boost your party's attack, speed, health, and more. Retrying a level might be tempting to avoid the sting of defeat, butevery retry you purchase gets more expensive. Buffs, on the other hand? Those stay with you for an entire play-through, and give you a much better chance of making it further in the first place. It's simple tokenomics, people.

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