Manufacturing Is Coming Back To The U.S. -- And Hiring

Manufacturing jobs are on the rebound.
Manufacturing jobs are on the rebound.

Is American manufacturing poised for a comeback? The manufacturing industry lost 6 million jobs in the first decade of this century, but many experts say that the turnaround has already begun. According to one estimate by the Boston Consulting Group, as many as five million more positions could be recovered by 2020, due, in part, to Chinese labor becoming more expensive and less productive than the American workforce. (This figure includes service-related positions, like plant janitors and accountants.)

"There's a point when companies are indifferent to making things in the U.S.," Hal Sirkin, a senior partner with the Boston Consulting Group, says in an interview with AOL Jobs. And so they they decide there's no advantage in doing the work abroad. "We think that's 2015," Sirkin says.