Jimmy Fallon and Selena Gomez perform Mario Kart love song

Jimmy FallonFive years ago, Sam Hart melted the hearts of gamers everywhere when he uploaded his Mario Kart Love Song to YouTube (now on iTunes). It took about a month for the to reach one million views -- what seems like an eternity considering the rapid pace videos go viral these days. It currently has over eight million views and remains as one of the greatest gamer love songs to this day -- and Jimmy Fallon has brought it back into the light.

Last night, Jimmy Fallon, along with guest Selena Gomez (promoting her upcoming film Spring Breakers), performed a cover of the Mario Kart Love Song. And yes, they did wear the iconic Mario mustache. While the original will always remain my favorite, I was honestly surprised at how well they performed. Who know Selena could sing? Check out Fallon and Selena's cover below, along with Hart's original.

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