Jewel Poker aims to offer more than just Texas Hold'Em on iOS, Android


While there are plenty of poker apps available to play for free on both iOS and Android devices, many games stick with arguably the most popular form of poker: Texas Hold'Em. In Game Insight's latest title, Jewel Poker, that single gameplay mode isn't all the experience has to offer. Instead, Jewel Poker also allows players to gamble (virtually, of course) in games of Omaha Hi.

Jewel Poker allows players to jump into tables with other gamers (both friends and strangers) from all around the world. An in-game chat feature allows players to meet others (or simply brag about their skills), and invite-only private tables are available for friends that only wish to play with one another. In-game gifts add even more social play to the experience, and players can share their experiences via Jewel Poker's Facebook and Twitter integration.

From the game's trailer below, it looks like dozens of achievements will give players goals to shoot for over the long term, but those with only a short amount of time can jump into "Sit n' Go" tables either way. Jewel Poker is now available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices, so if you're looking for a new (and free) poker game to play on the go, click on either of the two links below to give this one a shot.

Download Jewel Poker on iOS >

Download Jewel Poker on Android >

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