Elder Scrolls Online Previews: Questing in the New Tamriel

Elder Scrolls OnlineWhen you think of Elder Scrolls and questing you immediately go into the exploration mode. Turn and run off in a random direction and you are guaranteed to find some lost ruin or dungeon. However, even the great RPG behemoth known as Skyrim has directions and quests to move the player through multiple story lines. Elder Scrolls Online has a similar approach. The team wanted to add in exploration to the zones and the game, but hey also have quests in to guide players through the zone pick up some valuable loot at low levels and to tell an overall story. We wanted to talk a little about how questing works in the game and what players can expect.

We got to play Daggerfall with the demo this past week. The opening zone has a quest line where you are helping some pirates put together a crew to get off this island under the thumb of an evil warlord. I don't want to give the story away, so that is all you get in terms of spoilers. There is a main quest line to find three crew members around the island and reunite them with the captain.

Quests begin with cutaways to the character talking directly to you on screen. It is easy to get through and you can talk as much or as little as you want. Like any Elder Scrolls game you are given dialogue choices. You can get the main theme of the quest and say goodbye, or you can continue with more information during the conversation. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of cut scenes, however in Elder Scrolls Online they are not intrusive. The game does not center around the dialogue and you can still get the quest information and move on quickly. You can also get more information on the quests if you want to continue chatting through all of the options.

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