CastleVille St. Patrick's Day with Eva: Everything you need to know


Even though St. Patrick's Day may officially be over for another year, remember that CastleVille still has a fun event taking place in our Kingdoms until the end of the month. The St. Patrick's Day with Eva event sees everyone's favorite elf bringing a slew of new gifts to your game. All of these items can be unlocked for free after putting in a little bit of hard work, and we're here with a guide on how to do just that!

There are 10 prizes available in this event over the next eight days. Each item can be earned by either collecting materials from friends or by crafting items in your Workshops, Studios, or Kitchens. Here's a breakdown of what you'll need for each:

Shamrock Sheep - Ask friends for Green Wool
Clover Pond - Craft 2 Violet Moons
St. Patrick's Day Cow - Craft 2 Indigo Flowers
St. Patrick's Day Horse - Craft 3 Blue Seashells
Harp - Ask friends for 7 Harp String Sets
Green Pegasus - Craft 3 Red Balloons
St. Patrick's Day House - Craft 3 Yellow Stars
Lucky Green Horse - Craft 3 Orange Butterflies
Irish Cow - Ask friends for 5 Cowbells
St. Patrick's Day Manor - Craft 3 Green Grog

The items that require you to "ask friends" for materials are earned by simply posting general news requests to your wall. For all of the other prizes, these are earned by crafting items. Typically, these recipes require two items that are fairly easy to earn in your Kingdom, like Pails of Water or Bottles of Milk, and then require a third item like Blue Clover or Spectrum Maps, all of which can be earned, once again, by posting general news requests to your wall.

These sorts of items, like the Blue Seashells and Green Grogs, take an hour to craft, so make sure to craft multiple items across all of your crafting buildings at once to save time. Still, you'll have eight full days to earn all of these items (if you haven't earned some of them already), so you should be able to walk away with them all before everything is said and done. What's more, if you can earn all 10 of these items before time runs out, you'll win a special Ivy-Covered Tower as a bonus prize. Good luck!

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What do you think of these many St. Patrick's Day goodies in CastleVille? Have you already earned all of them in your Kingdom? Sound off in the comments!