Save Money, Stay Healthy: 5 Cheap Things to Help Your Health

Cold and Flu Season

Spring's on its way in, but -- if the DailyFinance offices are any indication -- we're not out of the woods yet. For the past few weeks, several writers at AOL's New York headquarters have been fighting off the last of our winter colds and desperately trying to stay healthy with immune systems that have been ravaged by the last few months of wintry chill.

It's actually not all that surprising that a cold epidemic seems to be sweeping through New York. With seasonal changes on its way, freezing weather is alternating with periodic bursts of pollen-clogged sunny days, creating a mix that manages to devastate both those with allergies and those who are hovering on the edge of illness. To make things worse, the shift back to daylight savings time translates into a lot of people who are waking up in the dark and trying to deal with circadian rhythms that are now out of whack.

But don't worry -- help is on the way. I've put together a list of five items, all of which cost less than five bucks, that can help you get over the last of the winter blahs.

Good luck and keep your fingers crossed for spring!